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Mr. Raymond Mason (USA)


Ray is a Senior Partner at REBCON International

Raymond Mason is a business strategist and serial entrepreneur with a verifiable history as a professional in the areas of financial and economic analysis, business modeling, utility regulation and...

Ms. Alexandra Madrova (Slovakia)

Is an entrepreneur and had been around environmental protection since was young. Enjoy the volunteer trips the most, where have been learning through getting to know each other in the field. Love f...

Mr. Tore Brevik (Norway)


Tore is the Special Representative of United Nations Environment Programme

Tore is the Special Representative for Sport and Environment, United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP. He Initiated UNEP’s Sport and Environment Outreach in 1992. He is Member, Commission for Sp...

Mr. Fraser Durham (UK)


Fraser is a Consultant at Carbonsense

Fraser Durham has a BSc in Economics and Mathematics, and has recently made the transition from finance, where he spent ten years advising global investment funds on derivative and alternative asse...

Ms. Camilla Flatt (UK)


Camilla is a Consultant at Africa Practice

Camilla joined Africapractice in May 2007 as a consultant for corporate citizenship. Her clients are multinational companies who operate in Africa and seek advice on how to devise and implement an ...

Ms. Carolyne Okeijn, LLB (Sweden/UK)


Carolyne is a Maritime Lawyer and Writer

Carolyne joined Worldview Impact as a project manager in the London head office in 2008. Given her special affinity with Latin America, Carolyne co-ordinated Latin American affairs and collaborated...

Ms. Tamara von Arx (Switzerland/France)


Tamara is a Senior Fashion Designer and Consultant

Tamara is a senior fashion designer and consultant who provides design services to fashion companies after having gained work experience with luxury companies such as Bally in Switzerland for over ...

Ms. Monaqui Porter Young (USA)


Monaqui is the President and CEO of MPGlobal Connect Inc

Monaqui Porter Young is President and CEO of MPGlobal Connect Inc., a start-up company launched to advance Monaqui’s vision of economic empowerment through sustainable development. MPGlobal Connect...

Jessica White (UK)


Jessica is a Consultant for McGraw Hill

Jessica is an Educator who is passionate about Education Technology, she is also a visual anthropologist, writer, curator, and cultural producer. She studied her Masters in Visual Anthropology at t...