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The objective of Worldview Impact is to invest in green business opportunities at the community level in Meghalaya. Our aim is to create an environment that enables rural people living in rural areas to actively participate in climate change mitigation projects, compensating for carbon emissions through the planting of rubber trees and other relevant activities, complimented by renewable energy to support sustainable organic agriculture and forestry. There is an urgent need for new innovations in meeting global environmental, social, economical and developmental targets.

Our products with include organic pineapples and oranges that we have planted at the agroforestry project site. We will also produce organic jungle honey from the bee-keeping project that has been integrated into the plantation for pineapple and orange flavored honey production. We are creating and eco village project that will be integrated on the hill with a great view of the project site to generate revenue from eco and agri tourism. Finally the rubber trees that we have planted will be really for tapping in 2018 for smoke rubber production.

Carbon trading benefits increases the economic potentials in establishing community forests combined with food production for the benefit of the environment and marginalized tribal communities. The new multi-cropping system that our agricultural experts have developed where other food crops like pineapple crops are planted in between the rubber trees with now being replicated in other projects. Different species of orchids will be attached to the upper part of the rubber trees as tapping is done only from 5 feet and below. These tropical flowers grow perfectly on rubber trees.

  1. This project which is the first of its kind in the state of Meghalaya, has been designed to address five main targets:
  2. Protecting the environment and biodiversity through the mitigation of climate change through rubber plantation, water and clean energy harvesting projects.
  3. Enabling local economic growth through the creation of sustainable livelihoods and green jobs for the rural people living in three target villages via our projects.
  4. Supporting social development through poverty reduction initiatives and providing skills building and training for rural people in our projects.
  5. Promoting conflict resolution through the creation of safe, respectful and sustainable working environments for tribal communities to live in harmony.
  6. Supporting public health through the manufacturing of carbon free organic contraceptives, surgical gloves, rubber boots, etc. for disease prevention.

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