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Ms. Carolyne Okeijn, LLB (Sweden/UK)

Carolyne is a Maritime Lawyer and Writer

Carolyne joined Worldview Impact as a project manager in the London head office in 2008. Given her special affinity with Latin America, Carolyne co-ordinated Latin American affairs and collaborated closely with local partners in the region. She went on to specialise in the impact of carbon emissions on the marine environment in the context of international climate legal policy. Carolyne received her Master of Science in Maritime Affairs from the UN/IMO founded World Maritime University in Sweden. She also studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she received her Bachelor in Laws (LLB). Carolyne has had a strong international outlook since an early age and travelled as a youth leader to countries such as Croatia, Costa Rica and Switzerland. Previously she has conducted legal work as an intern at the Centre for Justice and International Law. She has also consulted for IDEAcarbon and written for G-1 Billion news-agency. Carolyne writes on topics such as climate policy, marine environmental problems and environmental responsibility in business.