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Climate Change Mitigation

Become carbon neutral and help fight climate change in India.

Each time you fly, you are contributing to global climate change. Aeroplanes use jet fuel which is a non-renewable fossil fuel that releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere as it burns.

In partnership with the Umlamphlang Multi Purpose Cooperative Society, Worldview Impact has started an agroforestry project in Meghalaya north east India which enables you to neutralize your flights CO2 emissions. Your money will be used to fund rubber tree planting at the Eric Bremley Lyngdoh Agroforestry Plantation located in the Ri Bhoi District in Meghalaya. Each rubber tree absorbs 1 ton of CO2 in 30 years time of its growth with permanent storage in the ground while providing sustainable livelihoods for the poor farmers living around the project site.

When you travel for business or for pleasure you need to use transportation which still uses fossil fuels which emit greenhouse gas that causes global warming and climate change. To help offset CO2, for example, that is emitted from the aeroplane you flew, the following data shows return flights between destinations, how much CO2 they emit and how many trees it would require to offset this.


  • America India America : 7 tonnes CO2 – 7 trees per passenger (£70)
  • Europe India Europe : 5 tonnes CO2 – 5 trees per passenger (£50)
  • East Asia India East Asia : 3 tonnes CO2 – 3 trees per passenger (£30)


We suggest a contribution of £10 per ton of CO2 that we will offset by planting these rubber trees on your behalf in the 300 acres Eric Bremley Lyngdoh Agroforestry Plantation and also pay for their care and protection for a period of 30 years while creating sustainable livelihoods for people living in poverty in the border areas of Meghalaya. This scheme is voluntary. It is meant for those visitors who feel they would like to do something positive to compensate for the negative effects of flying and make their vacation or travel to India, carbon neutral by helping to mitigate climate change and protect our planet for future generations to come. The money you donate for this cause will help us support the mountain people of Meghalaya and create sustainable livelihoods for them for the rubber production. By taking this action you are helping to repair your impact on the climate.

Thank you so much for your concern and for Making a Difference!