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Mr. Raymond Mason (USA)

Ray is a Senior Partner at REBCON International

Raymond Mason is a business strategist and serial entrepreneur with a verifiable history as a professional in the areas of financial and economic analysis, business modeling, utility regulation and accounting, strategic planning, business planning and development, and a specialist in the practice areas of regulatory and investment filings, financial and tax impacts on regulated utilities, business change management, and related information management systems design. Ray has demonstrated extensive proficiency in analyzing business situations, especially in the context of their regulatory and legal environments, and in the development of response strategies. He is globally recognized for his exceptional persuasive skills polished by years of professional experience as an expert witness in administrative law proceedings and interaction with top executives both internally and externally. Is a successful negotiator and source for sound professional business and policy advice, being sought after as a mediator for conflict resolution by executive echelon, management and staff. He has a proven track record for improving business performance through progressive leadership, business process optimization and performance measurement. Ray currently serves as on the Board of Directors of several private entities and not-for-profit organizations that are focused in the Green Renewables, Telecom, Investment, Non-Violent Conflict Resolution and Sustainable / Transformative Economics. He also holds interests in numerous other ventures globally. He was most recently Principal Senior Consultant in the Enterprise Management Solutions Division of Black & Veatch. Prior to joining Black & Veatch, Mr. Mason served as interim CEO of a privately held Telecommunications Technology Company, High Speed Video Holding Corporation, for three years where his role was to oversee and direct the executive management of the firm in expanding its presence in the marketplace while establishing a business culture conducive to an early stage technology company. Previously, Ray was Vice President of Governmental & Regulatory Affairs for Citizens Communications, a S&P 500 firm (previously Citizens Utilities Company). As an entrepreneur he has worked as a consultant for several international investment firms. Ray continues to work with contacts in business, government and technology segments of several Latin American, African, Asia, Middle East and European countries. He continues to work with both governments and multi-national firms in the areas of utility privatization, regulatory policy frameworks and related strategic economic / foreign trade planning.