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Ms. Jessica White (UK)

Jessica is a Consultant for McGraw Hill

Jessica is an Educator who is passionate about Education Technology, she is also a visual anthropologist, writer, curator, and cultural producer. She studied her Masters in Visual Anthropology at the University of Oxford focusing on the history of photography and film. In particular, the anthropological constructions of gender, ethnicity and nationalism. She addressed issues such as integration, segregation, assimilation and post-colonialism. Earning her BA (Hons) in Media Performance from the University of Salford she focused on the changing 'national' identity of France from the Fourth to Fifth republic through photography and film. She is the founder of a cultural NGO in Austria working internationally with a wide range of partners. Collaborating with artists she produces artistic courses, exhibitions, performances, materials and seminars with a interdisciplinary focus. She regularly speaks publicly on platforms such as the UN on how to practically address critical international issues through artistic practice. She founded a charity THINC in Austria. Here she developed art education programs for teenagers. In Germany she founded Te(a)chology, a series of events that are facilitating discussions on Education and Technology. She is currently an Academic Consultant for McGraw Hill, particularly focusing on how adaptive learning can facilitate better learning and teaching.