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Ms. Tamara von Arx (Switzerland/France)

Tamara is a Senior Fashion Designer and Consultant

Tamara is a senior fashion designer and consultant who provides design services to fashion companies after having gained work experience with luxury companies such as Bally in Switzerland for over 8 years. Subsequently she has worked for internationally acclaimed Italian and French luxury companies for over 6 years in Milan, Italy. In addition to her fashion career over the past two years she has worked as a lecturer for international degree students at the internationally renowned fashion institute 'Istituto Marangoni' in London, UK. Tamara speak several languages and she has been travelled extensively through many developing countries where she has started to consult with individuals in order to support them in starting and building up their own businesses within or related to the fashion and manufacturing industry. She actively participates in international fashion events around the world and she has delivered an array of seminars and workshops targeted for different clients in the fashion industry. Tamara brings her expertise in the creative side to the company which includes product design, manufacturing and branding.