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Capacity Building

The capacity building activities of Worldview Impact are built upon the solid sustainable development experience that its team has developned over a decade. We train the communities we work with and especially their youth who will be driving force of the project in the future. Villagers will gain more control over their resources such as food, energy, livelihoods, houses etc.

Our aim is to create an environment that enables rural people living in rural areas to actively participate in climate change mitigation projects, compensating for carbon emissions through the planting of rubber trees and other relevant activities, complimented by renewable energy to support sustainable organic agriculture and forestry.

We have developed strategic alliances with the Rubber Board of India and the Hoticulture Boad of India. The local experts from the Rubber Board or India and local partners provide the scientific data and local knowledge to train the local farmers that we work with to implement the project. We are also developing an Eco Village Project and we will bring the experts of architecture and civil engineering from other parts of the state to impart the technical skills needed to run the Eco-village Model in a very sustainable manner. Students from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Guwahati and from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Shillong have participated and worked on simple renewable energy projects and collected data for our social, economic and environmental impact assessment.

The scope is unlimited as there are many areas of wonderfully wild and almost unexplored land in Meghalaya where people live in high poverty, which this model can be replicated for eco-tourism or agro-tourism where these lands can be used in a more productive manner for generation of sustainable livelihoods and opportunities for disadvantaged communities.