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We love what we do.
It’s our passion.

Worldview Impact is a Social Enterprise in cooperation with LSE Entrepreneurs at the London School of Economics and Political Science and it is incorporated in England and Wales as a company limited by shares under the Companies Acts (Reg no. 6353759)

Vision & Mission

The vision of Worldview Impact is to create a Sustainable Business for a Sustainable Future. By making your green investments grow, in projects that are mitigating climate change at the grassroots level, we will see sustainable livelihoods created for the poor and poverty reduced.

It is a three-fold mission:

  • 1.

    Protecting the environment and biodiversity through the mitigation of climate change.

  • 2.

    Enabling local economic growth through the creation of sustainable livelihoods for the poor.

  • 3.

    Supporting social development through poverty reduction initiatives

"An optimist believes we live in the best possible of worlds. A pessimist fears that this is true."

James Branch Cabell


The idea behind the company's creation goes back to the time when Bremley Lyngdoh first met Arne Fjortoft, Secretary General of Worldview International Foundation (WIF) at a United Nations ESCAP conference in Bangkok in 1999. It was there that Bremley was invited to serve on the Executive Committee of the Board of WIF. They discussed a plan to expand and sustain the communication and development work of WIF by creating a social enterprise. Bremley was later recognized and appointed by the Indian Prime Minister as the first Youth Representative representing his country as part of the government’s delegation to the historic United Nations Millennium Summit that brought together 189 heads of states and governments to agree on the Millennium Development Goals. His official statement to the Millennium Assembly on the 28th September 2000 called on world leaders and their governments to protect the environment by creating sustainable livelihoods for young people in developing countries.

Bremley then undertook some initial research on the impact of climate change on the livelihoods of the poor while doing his Master of International Affairs in Energy & Environmental Policy Studies at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in New York in 2001. He then represented WIF at the Youth Employment Summit that was held in 2002 in Alexandria where he urged policy-makers to give more support to the development of sustainable livelihoods. Later in 2004 after a few consultations with Arne, he developed the business concept which was then incubated at the London School of Economics and Political Science where he was doing his Ph.D. in Sustainable Development Studies. Bremley then met with Arne in Oslo in April 2007 at a special celebration in the Norwegian Parliament, honouring Arne's international development work on his 70th birthday. They both invited some of their colleagues to join as advisors and directors, and later Bremley incorporated Worldview Impact as a company limited by shares under the Companies Acts (Reg no. 6353759) in England and Wales on 28th August 2007.

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of Worldview Impact manage the company's affairs in accordance with its Articles of Association and the Law in the United Kingdom. They meet twice a year in the company's headquarters in London to set the policy for the company and approve new projects globally.

Worldview Impact also has a small Executive Committee that takes executive decisions for the company and then reports back to the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee includes three members from Board of Directors namely Mr. Bremley Lyngdoh, Mr. Arne Fjortoft and Mr. Tom Rivett-Carnac who meet at a more regular basis depending on the need.

The Worldview Impact subsidiary companies are registered at the country level in Asia. These companies report directly to the CEO of the parent company at the headquarters in London.


Worldview Impact Foundation is the company's non-profit entity which incorporated in England and Wales as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Acts (Reg no. 6624593)

The mission of Worldview Impact Foundation is to use all forms of media and communication to:


Promote and support the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.


Provide capacity building and training for young people in the developing countries for employment generation.


Generate awareness and support initiatives that addresses the health implications of global climate change


Create awareness and provide support to initiatives that addresses the nexus of poverty and environment.


Provide a forum for young social entrepreneurs in the developing world to connect with their peers in the developed world.