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Sustainable Livelihoods

Worldview Impact has established a cost effective agroforestry model for large scale replication to achieve sustainable development in the long run. India is our first pilot country the agroforestry project has provided sustainable livelihoods to about 50 families living around the project site in the rural and remote parts of Meghalaya. Furthermore, our aim is to establish value added benefits to the raw material from rubber tapping. These include production of medical gloves and other dipped products, which will further increase the economic benefits of the project for the local population as well as the investors.

Ground operations started in January 2012 included the following:

    • Stakeholder consultations completed with the target villages and approval was granted from all traditional institutions and tribal land owners.
    • Clearing land for the establishment of rubber tree nursery completed.
    • Social fencing completed to protect the rubber seedlings from being eaten animals.
    • Training of rural youth in the project area in rubber nursery management completed.
    • Established 15,000 new rubber saplings in the secured nursery site completed.
    • Transported organic compost and animal manure to plant rubber nursery.
    • Survey of land and GPS coordinates completed with maps.

The outcomes from the ground operations are the following:

  • Direct employment of 50 families from the three target villages in project area.
  • Rubber stumps are being planted at part of Phase 1 of project in 25 ha of land.
  • Pineapples have been planted in between the rubber trees for multi cropping.
  • Capacity building and training workshops for local managers completed.
  • Community engagement in the agroforestry project from the three target villages.
  • Awareness generation for the public on climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Bamboo buildings for workers and field office space has been constructed on site.