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Poverty Reduction

Worldview Impact follows a robust policy of social responsibility. The social enterprise will secure the best working conditions and remuneration of the employees, with ownership shares to the workers, with part of the profit to be used for community development in the area.

The company is committed to providing basic health and housing standards to the community and education for all (with scholarships to youth from the area for higher education, which is lacking today). Aiming at a complete welfare programme the project is committed to integrated development and beneficial contributions to the local community.

The competitive edge of our venture lies on the fact that we will have both environmental benefits and poverty reduction strategies incorporated into our business model. Poverty will be reduced instantly by the planting of rubber trees in India, as well as other food crops suitable for the local environments in the various pilot countries.

Additional knowledge will be shared with local communities by training them how to clear lands; make compost and produce micro organisms for fertilizing; and techniques to maintain forests and plantations with the highest levels of return. In addition, income from sales will be shared with local communities or local institutions providing the land, as part of share cropping, lease agreements, or other methods selected by local partners.