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Mgr. Linda Hnatova (Slovakia)

Linda is CEO of Worldwide Impact Slovakia

Owner and founder of CONCORDIA Agency s.r.o. awarded several times as a top agency in Slovakia in the Recruit Rank Awards competition. 22 years in recruitment on international market and have had for 8 years a cruiselines special projects in operation where started to do special project for cycle green tours for passangers from all the world. During studies at university of Diplomatic and international relationships became a Lecturer of Business Protocol, Diplomatic protocol, communication skills at Slovak Business Agency for last 6 years at Erasmus program at Economy University, PanEuropean University, University of turism in Trnava and many others schools and companies. Also as a mentor helping in the Slovak Business Center with support of European Union for Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic. Specialization of mentoring is for starting business to support young people to start their business in enviro project and innovations, since beginning to build, structre of company including ISO certification, personal audit of company.  Since childhood protecting forests. Co-Founder of Student parlament of Slovakia, which still exist. Have been studing at City University, Bellevue, USA at Slovakia, Bacalor study at Tyrnaviensis University, Pedagogical faculty, Trnava, Slovakia, Master study at University of Diplomacy and relationships in Prague at Czech Republic.