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Young Asia Television or YATV was initiated in 1995 as Sri Lanka’s first and only public service broadcaster. It remains so to this day. Specializing in the medium of documentary, YATV has produced several magazine series, short­ films and talk shows covering a range of social, political and developmental issues. As a result, YATV has an impressive archive that documents some of the most pivotal moments in Sri Lanka’s recent history, such as the tsunami, the peace process, and the end of the war between the Government and the LTTE. It has also made programmes focusing on human rights, women’s issues, youth, the environment and much more.

To best describe its most recent work, YATV coined the phrase ‘peace­ casting’ – which intimates its interest in conflict resolution and promoting peace and reconciliation amongst all communities in Sri Lanka, as well as its drive towards a rights­based approach to positive social change.


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