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Management Team

Worldview Impact has a global management team consisting of dynamic national experts and professionals to staff its offices and manage its projects on the ground in pilot countries. The company headquarters in London is managed by the Founder & CEO, Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh. All the Regional and Country Specialists report directly to the CEO in London. All team members and experts have the option to provide voluntary advice while being engaged with their respective professions or organisations.

Mr. Vojtech Dlouhy (Czech Republic/Myanmar)
Project Manager
Vojtech is the Executive Officer of
Indiana Vojtech is a fresh graduate with a BSc in Economics and Operation in Enterprises from the University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. With the academic background he received in Management Studies in Portugal, Vojtech has also developed an avid interest in Green Economics, Social Business and Sustainable Development after to his internship at Worldview Impact Foundation in the United Kingdom followed by his volunteering experince in North East India, Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. He has the skills and knowledge essential for managing key areas of an organisation complemented by problem solving skills needed in finance, project planning and execution. Vojtech is currently the Co-Founder and CEO at ANGITU ­- an intelligent online platform enabling students to make the world better place to stay in - and continuing his at Worldview International Foundation as a Marketing Manager.

Ms. Eva Bouskova ­ (Czech Republic/UK)
Project Coordinator
Eva is doing her MSc at the University of Pardubice
Indiana Eva Bouskova holds a Bachelor‘s degree in Economics and Operation in Enterprises from the University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. In 2012 she studied business for a year in Portugal and participated in a project with Masaryk University called Eco Incubator. During this project new entrepreneurs together with students in environmental specialization created a project for ecological business. In 2013 she took part in an International Conference on Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainability in Azores and later joined Worldview Impact to develop EU support for projects in India. When she returned to the Czech Republic she worked for the Association of non­profit organizations that supported the interests of the Pardubice Region non­profit sector. In that same year she started studying for a Master's degree in Public Economics and Administration focused on regional development. In 2014 Eva wanted to have a deeper understanding of the private sector and started working as a sales representative for a company focused on technical products and services. Currently she is finishing her master's thesis focused on community planning and social services and returned to London to support the Worldview Impact team in developing EU backing for the mangrove restoration project in Myanmar.

Ms. Indiana Baseden (France/UK)
Programme Coordinator: Carbon Neutral Dance
Indiana is a Politics undergraduate at the University of Bristol
IndianaIndiana is of French nationality but has been brought up in South East Asia for ten years of her life, whilst experiencing many travels and discovering various cultures. These many endeavours have pushed her towards an ambitious career path of aiding the planet and reducing global poverty through sustainable development initiatives. She is currently a Politics undergraduate at the University of Bristol with a particular focus on Development Studies, Sub-Saharan African Politics and in the midst of writing a dissertation that seeks to clarify the role of the colonial legacy in the recent Rwandan genocide. Her current positions as events coordinator of the Bristol International Affairs Society and PR officer of the Bristol Politics Society as well as her past voluntary work in a children’s sports camp of North Carolina (2005) have made her prone to leading youth and student projects in the political arena. Within the framework of Worldview Impact, Indiana is involved in the organisation of the Carbon Neutral Dance events, the coordination of these events at the global level, document translation, general assistance and the marketing of WI products.

Ms. Carolina Pinto (Portugal/UK)
Project Coordinator
Carolina is a graduate student at the London Metropolitan University
CarolinaCarolina is a citizen of the world, just like her Portuguese ancestors who decided to discover other places. She holds a licentiate degree in Tourism Management and believes in a holistic approach to travel that creates a new way of thinking where the tourism is a win-win solution for the Developing World, the Environment, the Tourist and the Travel Industry. She has been studying and working in the Tourism, Hospitality and Entertainment industries in Portugal, Spain, Mexico and USA. In 2008, Carolina participated on the itinerant conference “Tourism and the relief of Poverty”, in collaboration with the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona and the Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University of Peru, visiting in extenso the two biggest touristic circuits of Peru, identifying best practices, evaluating the potentialities of the projects and contributing to the development of future proposals. That experience was the inspiration to go ahead on her studies in the development field. Carolina is a Master student of International Tourism and Development at London Metropolitan University what means one more step in the path to develop a platform that will give her the right tools to assume responsibility and risk in strategic sustainable issues and an instrument to develop her own project. Carolina joined Worldview Impact in 2009 and her commitment to the projects in Brazil and Mexico meets her philanthropic and entrepreneur side.

Ms. Jane Rangel (USA/UK)
Project Coordinator
Jane is a graduate student at the London School of Economics
JaneJane is a California native with a BA in International Affairs from Sweet Briar College. After completing her undergraduate degree, Jane worked as a public relations consultant in Southern California, developing media strategies and online marketing, while also working as a freelance journalist. In 2009 Jane came to London to pursue a Msc in Management from The London School of Economics. Jane serves as the press officer for LSE’s Socially Responsible Investors Society, and has recently joined Worldview Impact as a Project Coordinator in sustainable consulting. Her efforts are focused on expanding the sales of Paradise Farm tea in the UK and USA and exploring opportunities for developing renewable energy in rural communities across the globe.

Ms. Natalia Vaccarezza (USA)
South America Programme Advisor
Natalia is Director of Programs at PCI-Media Impact
NataliaNatalia is a human rights professional who believes in empowering women, girls, and communities to reduce poverty and achieve a healthier planet. In 2004 she joined PCI-Media Impact, a leading international NGO that specializes in creative media, social marketing and behavior change communications worldwide. As Director of Programs at PCI-Media Impact, Natalia oversees a diverse portfolio of programs in sexual and reproductive health, environmental sustainability, livelihoods, and democracy. She has worked in 15 countries in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe, and has extensive experience building partnerships with NGOs, governments, media, and advocacy groups in the Andean region. Natalia holds a Master's degree in Human Rights from Columbia University, and a Bachelor's degree from Stanford University. She is the producer of a documentary film on HIV and youth in New York City. Natalia has been a juror for the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy Awards, the Environmental Media Award, and the UNICEF International Children's Day of Broadcasting Award. Natalia speaks Spanish, and is the daughter of Peruvian immigrants.

Ms. Katharina Wuppinger (Austria/Ghana)
Africa Programme Advisor
Katharina is a Researcher at the University of Vienna
KatherineKatharina joined Worldview Impact in 2008. Coming from a commercial school and having worked in the private sector for several years, Katharina decided to make a transition in 2003 when she commenced her Development Studies and Political Science at the University of Vienna and Nottingham. Katharina’s passion for Africa and her current overwhelming experience with this continent began in 2004, during a 3-month internship in South Africa where she became deeply engaged in activities aimed at improving and sharing her development skills especially in small business development and training of underprivileged youth. In 2005, she accepted yet another challenging task with her appointment to the post of Secretary General of the Youth Employment Summit Country Network Austria. This provided an excellent opportunity to share her experience and approach her objectives in this field, culminating in the participation at the Youth Employment Summit in Nairobi, Kenya in 2006. In the same year, she became a board member of FIAN Austria, an organisation for which she conducted an economic, environmental and social impact assessment in the gold mining communities of Ghana in 2006. Battered by the daunting findings, she became more convinced than ever before of the need to acquire a better understanding of the situation, which hence led to her decision to tackle this as a topic for her dissertation.

Ms. Miriam Azar (Lebanon/USA)
Middle East Programme Advisor
Miriam is a Consultant with UNICEF

Miriam is half Finnish and half Lebanese. Having lived in the Arab world and in Europe, she is a firm believer in inter-cultural dialogue and tolerance. Her aim is to contribute to better understanding between different groups especially among children.Miriam is currently working at UNICEF in New York in the media section covering humanitarian issues. Prior to this she worked for UNICEF in Geneva on gender and gender-based violence, as well as humanitarian reform. She also worked for UNICEF in the Central African Republic on child protection issues. In London, Miriam worked as a political researcher on the Middle East at an embassy. She followed issues related to the Middle East Peace Process, the Iraq war, Islamophobia in the media, and supported forums for dialogue between opposing parties. Miriam holds an MA in International Relations with a focus on the Middle East.

Ms. Sarah Mclaughlin (France/USA)
Europe Programme Advisor
Sarah is a Researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science

Sarah is a Franco-British Economic and Social Science Researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science working in the field of International Political Economy. Her research interests are State Compliance with International Law in Environmental and Trade Policies with a specific focus on the European Union and China. Sarah has been involved in voluntary work with the Refugee Council of Australia and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She also worked for a Geneva based Foundation which focused on Environmental Policies in Europe and Liberia. She is currently completing her PhD as a research fellow at Columbia University in New York. Sarah is a member of the Global Public Policy Network which included the London School of Economics, Columbia University, Beijing University and Sciences Po in Paris.

Ms. Adriana Valenzuela (Colombia)
Country Specialist
Adriana is the National Coordinator for Global Youth Action Network
AdrianaAdriana is a consultant specializing in Article 6 of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change and currently designing a strategy on education, training and public awareness for the Government of Colombia to promote more public awareness in the country on the effects and mechanisms of adaptation to climate change and transforming consumption and production patterns. She is pursuing her Master on Sustainable Development at the Latin-American Federation of Environment Sciences - FLACAM - and the National University of Lanus in Argentina. She holds bachelors of Communication and Journalism from the National Colombian University - UNAD - and was trained in the ETH Zurich - Switzerland at the Global Alliance for Sustainability. Adriana started working on environmental issues when she was 12 years old. She worked as an environmental manager for a Colombian NGO, and founded a youth movement on environment and sustainability that mobilized youth from 19 countries. She has also been working on international projects with UNEP, UNESCO, UN Habitat and IADB. In 2001 Adriana served as a member of the Youth Advisory Council of the United Nations Environment Programme and has been a youth delegate to many international conferences such as the WSSD in Johannesburg Summit Rio + 10, the U.N. Commission of Sustainable Development and regional negotiations. In recent years she has been traveling to Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic to find ways to promote sustainability and the eradication of poverty. Adriana joined Worldview Impact in 2008 and is ready to make an impact in Colombia.

Ms. Audrey Codera (Philippines)
Country Specialist
Audrey is the Chairperson and Founder of YouthWorks Inc.
AudreyAudrey has been working with the Philippine Youth Employment Network, a youth-led non-profit working towards a sustainable approach to poverty alleviation through the promotion of employment and employability among youth at the grassroots, since 2003. In 2006, she started YouthWorks Inc. which is a microfinance for youth using information and communications technology (ICT) for development. The organization is quite young and has not even reached one year yet. However, she and her team were able to have a few success stories as they provided loans to youth ages 13 - 30 despite the Philippine government's definition of youth being 15 - 30 years old.

Ms. Dechen Wangmo (Bhutan)
Country Specialist
Dechen is the Country Coordinator of Youth Employment Summit Campaign

DechenDechen is a teacher and administrator of Phajoding Primary school, since 1991. Managing the school is her regular job and contributing her service working for the community is her joy. She is very compassionate and committed working for social issues especially youth, environment, women and children. Presently as the Coordinator ,Phuentsholing Women Association, she is doing research on Human trafficking across the borders towns of India and Bhutan. She has a project of Environmental Conservation, a small grant programme of UNDP, branch in Thimphu,Bhutan. She is the Country Coordinator for YES Bhutan Country Network, the Coordinator for Phuentsholing Woman Association (PWA), an Executive Member in the Phuentsholing Town Committee, the Deputy Coordinator Multi Sectoral Task Force for HIV/AIDS Prevention initiated by the Royal Government of Bhutan and a Member in the Business Community (BCCI).

Mr. Emmanuel Edudzie (Ghana)
Country Specialist
Emmanuel is the Executive Director of Youth Empowerment Synergy
Emmanuel Raised with the Jesuit notion of service to mankind, Emmanuel has always been interested in society’s injustices and problems, as well as what goes into determining and implementing solutions for such situations. As an undergraduate in 2003, he was elected to UNEP’s Youth Advisory Council as one of two Africans that would represent the voices of youth within the UNEP hierarchy. Since then, Emmanuel has been engaged at various levels of the United Nations, including the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, UN Youth Programme, and UN-Habitat, all of which gave him substantial opportunity to develop an understanding of international development processes and to augment his knowledge of emerging social issues, barriers, and gaps in service, and as well as experience in evaluating a programme’s effectiveness in addressing these issues. Emmanuel holds an MA in Governance and Sustainable Development at the Centre for Development Studies, University of Cape Coast. He earlier completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Ghana with a major in Political Science. Emmanuel joined Worldview Impact in 2008.

Mr. Damian Orvananoa (Mexico)
Country Specialist
Damian is the Project Development Manager for Odiyana
Emmanuel Transpersonal psychotherapist with over 13 years experience in individual and group processes, facilitation, motivation, conflict resolution and community issues. Damian is currently Project Development Manager for Odiyana, a low-impact habitat and eco-spiritual retreat Community in the cloud forest of Veracruz, Mexico. The goal of Odiyana is to become Mexico´s premier eco-spiritual retreat destination, as an embodiment of the post-carbon neutral paradigm, thus attaining not only autonomy and environmental integrity, but providing guidance as a living example of a human Community living in deep positive symbiosis with its environment. Damian´s interests are in how ride the current environmental wave to attain widespread individual, social and environmental well-being within and beyond carbon-neutrality.

Mr. Marcelo Cavalcanti (Brazil)
Country Specialist
Marcelo is the Executive Director of Artemisia
Marcelo Marcelo is currently the Executive Director of Artemisia – Social Business Models, an organisation whose mission is to inspire and support a new generation of entrepreneurs in the development of innovative market-based solutions for social and environmental problems. He has been part of the Artemisia staff since the beginning, when he co-ordinated the International Fellows Program. He is also a board member of Instituto Geração promoting the social engagement of privileged young people in Brazil who are interested in contributing to a social change and the Menisquencia Magazine – a magazine totally produced and distributed by youth from the suburbs of Sao Paulo. At the university, Marcelo was involved in program of exchanges of cultural experiences and in the construction of programs for communities, such as Rotex and AIESEC. Marcelo has worked for 10 years in the private sector. In his last job in the corporate sector, Marcelo coordinated the program of Quality of Life of the multinational Nortel Networks for 5 years, however it remained clear that his priority is with the social sector. Before joining Artemisia, Marcelo was the Director of Projects of an organization that dealt with indigenous issues in Brazil, Associação Martin de Lima. Marcelo also coordinated the Programme of Volunteers of the Fundação Gol de Letra, a organisation that deals with young people from the favela. He was a contributor of the GIV- Group of Incentive to the Life, in a program of quality of life for people with HIV AIDS. Marcelo has also worked for the Global Youth Action Network and helped to start the regional office. He has also contributed to the network for Social organisations called Parceiro Social. Marcelo joined Worldview Impact in 2008 and is ready to make an impact in Brazil.

Mr. Sena Alouka (Togo)
Country Specialist
Sena is the Executive Director of Young Volunteers for the Environment
Sena Sena Alouka has extensive experience in working with communities and facilitating multi-stakeholder participation as the Executive Director of Young Volunteers for the Environment. Having enjoyed eight years of working in the non-profit sector especially with environmental policies and development strategies, he has developed good management and leadership abilities. He is very knowledgeable in eco-system restoration and reforestation techniques. Sena is a specialist in sustainable development and organizational development, with a strong background in gender mainstreaming especially in the domains of water and sanitation. He possesses a thorough knowledge of solar energy applications and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). As the coordinator and main team leader since 2004 of the Solar Water Pasteurization Project, he has developed a good knowledge of the socio-cultural realities of the project zone and has implemented several other projects all around the country. As an environmental journalist, he was successful in communicating with rural communities and introducing new techniques and innovations. Having worked as a consultant for the International Institute for Sustainable Development since 2005, he has in-depth understanding of all international energy policies and Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA). Sena joined Worldview Impact in 2008 and he ready to make an impact in Togo.

Mr. Edwyn Odeny Odhaimbo (Kenya)
Country Specialist
Edwyn is the Founder and Chairman of Kenya Youth Foundation
Edwyn Edwyn is the Director of National School Feeding Council of Kenya since 2005 and also the Founder and Executive Chairman of Kenya Youth Foundation. Edwyn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Egerton University-Njoro, Kenya and spent most of his working life in Kenya Youth Foundation since its inception in 1998 where he has served in various capacities which include Treasurer, Secretary, Team Leader in charge of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resource Management. Edwyn has been in the frontline on advocating for review of policies and development programmes/strategies to accommodate the interests of young people. At the Kenya national front, he has participated in the review process of key policy documents such as National Youth Policy, National Food and Nutrition Policy and Forest Bill 2000 which have a great impact on youth deriving their livelihoods from Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources sectors. Edwyn is a key contributor to Global Response to Climatic Change. In 2003, he initiated Kenya Rural Youth Livelihood Strategies Programme (KERYLIP) in Western Region of Kenya to promote active participation of rural youth in sustainable agriculture, environment and natural resource management. Edwyn has conducted several studies focusing on livelihood, food security and youth participation in development. He has participated in several strategic forums both locally and international and has been in the front line in domesticating some of the outcomes of such initiatives. He is currently focusing his efforts in strengthening sustainable development in grass-root communities by initiating partnership activities with them to learn from their rich knowledge and culture. Edwyn joined Worldview Impact in 2008 and he ready to make an impact in Kenya.

Mr. Haythem Kamel (Egypt)
Country Specialist
Haythem is the Chairman of Sustainable Development Association
HaythemHaythem is a youth leader who believes that the young people should have a chance to lead their own development. He worked in several organizations at the local and international level since a young age. His major turning point was co-founding the Sustainable Development Association (SDA) after organizing the Youth Employment Summit (YES) in 2002. Now he is the Chairman of SDA and the YES Arabia Coordinator. Haythem Co-founded the Egyptian Youth NGOs Federation which led to better cooperation among youth organizations in Egypt. He also worked in the League of Arab States (LAS) in coordinating the LAS Youth Forum which multiplied into several youth activities in the region. Through his civil youth activities Haythem received a number of awards including the Euro-Med Youth Award from the European Commission and the Chevening Fellowship at University of Glasgow, UK. His university study background is in Accounting and Business Administration with previous work experience in the Stock Market. This gave him a better perspective from a corporate point of view within the civil society activities, especially in sustainable development. He joined Worldview Impact in 2008 and is ready to make positive changes in the Arab Region.

Mr. Mohamed Affan Kolandaiveedu (India/Switzerland)
Country Specialist
Mohamed Affan is a Consultant for UNEP
AffanMohamed Affan currently resides in Geneva, Switzerland working as a consultant for the United Nations Environment Programme. His area of interest is in renewable energies, particularly solar PV and solar thermal energy given its potential for scalability and access especially for rural and non-grid connected areas in developing and less developed countries. His internship with the UNEP- Basel Convention in Geneva which deals with the movement of toxic and hazardous waste management has given him an insight into waste flows and Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) of wastes and its potential for climate change mitigation. Whilst at the UNEP, he has written articles for GEF publications as well as researched widely on electronic waste management in Africa and Latin America. Besides having lived in Geneva, London and Singapore, he has travelled widely in Europe and Asia and pits his key skills in communication, diplomacy and entrepreneurship as a result of an affinity for debating and being exposed at an early stage to business, by his family in India. Affan graduated in 2009 from the London School of Economics and Political Science with an MSc in Environment and Development. He received his BSc with First Class Honours in Economics and Management from the London School of Economics External System and is currently pursuing a Diploma in the Common Law from the University of London externally.

Mr. Sundar Layalu (Nepal)
Country Specialist
Sundar is a young researcher of Carbon Footprint
Sundar Sundar Layalu is an International Climate Champion 2009 for the British Council Nepal, has been doing research on his project Mission Carbon Neutral Nepal: A Pilot Project on Namobuddha Monastery. He has completed his graduation in Environmental Science from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal with the dissertation title “Study of Ecological Footprint and Carbon Footprint of Constituent Assembly Member of Nepal: Responsibility on Environment and Climate Change” in 2009 which was appreciated by various awards. During his research period, Sundar had measured the impact of lifestyle on environment of senators of Nepal and motivated them for sustainable lifestyle. He does have several national and international publication and presentation of his research job and currently working with THE SMALL EARTH Nepal, an NGO for sustainable lifestyle as Researcher. His interests on humanitarian services related to Climate Change, research on Ecological Footprint and Carbon Footprint and sustainable lifestyle drags him to join Worldview Impact. He met the CEO of Worldview Impact in Geneva during the Young Adult for New Result by Global Humanitarian Forum and decided to work as researcher and work together. He is committed and dedicated for sustainable lifestyle and Climate Change research work. He joined Worldview Impact on 2010 and ready to make impact on Nepal.

Mr. Andrew Horton (UK)
Media & Communication Officer
Andrew is a poet and his writings are on BloodWords
Andrew Andrew has worked in and across all the main media platforms (TV, radio, online, mobile, print). Trained at the renowned broadcast journalism school — Falmouth College of Arts — he graduated in 2004. After his first job as a district radio reporter in Essex he landed a position as a sports journalist for the 365 Media Group in London. It was here that he cut his teeth on video editing software Avid, and the skills of live presenting for the web and mobile phones. He was soon offered a position by BBC New Talent to join the Local TV Pilot scheme in the West Midlands. He became a producer and video journalist of religious content for the Shropshire area — again producing video content for the web, mobile and digital satellite TV. On the job training saw him attend the BBC’s prestigious PDP Video Journalism training school in Newcastle. At the end of the pilot he was one of the recipients of the BBC Local TV Pioneer Award. A short break to regroup led to him joining the Premier Media Group in London in December 2006. Here he produced and presented the news on Premier Christian Radio, as well as producing the drive time show. Notable achievements included gaining an exclusive interview with a chaplain at Virginia Tech University during the 2007 student massacre, and an exclusive interview with the Pope’s envoy to England and Wales — Faustino Sainz Muñoz. Now with Worldview Impact, he spearheads the media campaigns and ensures the company gets the best and most productive press coverage across all platforms.

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