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The Conference, hosted by the Government of Indonesia, took place at the Bali International Convention Centre and brought together more than 10,000 participants, including representatives of over 180 countries together with observers from intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations and the media. The two week period included the sessions of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC, its subsidiary bodies as well as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol. A ministerial segment in the second week concluded the Conference. The conference culminated in the adoption of the Bali roadmap, which charts the course for a new negotiating process to be concluded by 2009 that will ultimately lead to a post-2012 international agreement on climate change. Ground-breaking decisions were taken which form core elements of the roadmap. They include the launch of the Adaptation Fund as well as decisions on technology transfer and on reducing emissions from deforestation. These decisions represent various tracks that are essential to achieving a secure climate future.

The Founder & CEO of Worldview impact was invited to speak on a policy roundtable on: Climate for Change - Global Responsibilities Local Realities which was hosted by the Education Caucus of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development on 5th December 2007 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. This event was a success, with excellent participation from UN agencies including UNICEF and the UN University, from governmental delegates including Australia and Nepal, from major NGOs including Sierra Club and from youth, including the International Forestry Students Association. Dr. Emil Salim, advisor to the President of Indonesia and panelist at the roundtable said that 'Local wisdom is not able to cope with the unpredictability of the rice season due to the effects of climate change. No education prepares our community on how to cope with future change, yet. How can we inform the farmers who used frog noises and the flight patterns of birds and the songs of frogs for the timing of rice planting? We must expand environmental education locally and globally'. The theme of learning communities at the heart of well-prepared societies' efforts to meet the challenge of climate change was echoed by all the speakers.

Dr. Elizabeth Bowen, representative of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment and Past-President of Physicians for Social Responsibility framed environmental health with the following example: "Were we to be in the path of a Tsunami, we would have three minutes to find oxygen. Were we to be caught in this room, we would have three days to find water and to survive without food, we would
last at most three weeks." She stressed the humanitarian, moral and ethical dimensions of our interconnectedness, gender equality and universal access to education. "Universal education, including environmental literacy, contributes to well-informed individuals
being more capable of supporting democratic processes and of adapting constructively to unpredictable climate change."

Panelist Bremley Lyngdoh, Founder and CEO of Worldview Impact said "the majority of the population in developing regions is under the age of 25. We need to build intergenerational partnerships and the capacity of youth entrepreneurs to address climate change and to have more meaningful intervention at local and global levels. Young people are on the forefront of our relationship to climate change as agents of change." Roundtable Chair and UN Commission on Sustainable Development's Education Caucus, Pam Puntenney, said that 'learning societies where knowledge and information flourish have informed governments and well- prepared societies. As awareness and experiences increase, new concepts become part of our daily lives. We all need to become more educated in how to mitigate and adapt to climate change to create a well-prepared society. Co-Sponsors were the Government of Indonesia, Stakeholders Forum for a Sustainable Future, and UN-OHRLLS.

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