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Board of Directors
Dr. Bremley W. B. Lyngdoh (UK/India)
Bremley is the Founder and CEO of Worldview Impact
BremleyBremley was born in Shillong - The Scotland of the East located in the highlands of Meghalaya in North East India and left home at 17 on a mission: To see Sustainable Development pushed and practiced across the planet. His experience at the 1995 UN 50th Anniversary Assembly in New York left him convinced that helping people build a better life through social, environmental, and economic development was what he wanted to do. He returned to India to join the Consortium of Indian Scientists for Sustainable Development and worked on a project to combat desertification and to regenerate the desert ecosystem in Rajasthan. Soon followed the prestigious WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarship for Environmental Leadership. Bremley then joined UNDP and worked on the Gulf of Mannar biodiversity protection project in Tamil Nadu. This led to a move to New York to join the UN Commission on Sustainable Development Secretariat where he worked with the different major groups of Agenda 21. His Prime Minister in India then appointed him as the Youth Ambassador for his country at the UN Millennium Summit where he addressed world leaders at the 2000 Millennium Assembly. He then joined the Environment Department of the World Bank and worked on linking poverty reduction and environmental management by analyzing policy challenges and opportunities after which he moved to Boston and joined the Education Development Center. As an explorer he has travelled to 75 countries around the world on different missions. Bremley received post graduate degrees from Columbia University in the USA, the London School of Economics in the UK, the University of Geneva in Switzerland and the Intercultural Open University in the Netherlands. He has a dual Ph.D. in Sustainable Development from the Azteca University in Mexico and the Central University in Nicaragua. He is the Founder and CEO of Worldview Impact, the Co­Founder of the Global Youth Action Network and Co­Chairs the United Nations CSD Education Caucus.

Mr. Mahesh Sugathan (India/Switzerland)
Mahesh is a Senior Research Fellow at ICTSD
Mahesh Mahesh Sugathan is a Director and Principal Consultant at Mahesh Sugathan and Associates providing independent consulting services on trade, renewable energy policy, investment and business-related issues for think-tanks, international organisations and business. He is also a Senior Research Fellow with the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development in Geneva working on trade, climate change and sustainable energy issues. Mahesh previously worked as a Programme Coordinator for Economics and Trade Policy Analysis at the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development in Geneva, Switzerland and has also been a consultant at the World Bank’s South Asia Regional Office in India. He has also consulted for various other international organisations including the International Trade Centre (ITC), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the ACP Secretariat. He has written and spoken extensively on climate change, trade and sustainable energy related topics. Mahesh has a Masters degree in International Law and Economics from the World Trade Institute in Bern. In addition,he completed undergraduate and graduate studies in Economics and International Relations at the University of Kerala and the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India. He also pursued a summer-school programme at the London School of Economies in Environmental Economics and Econometrics. In addition, he holds an M.Phil in European studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Ms. B. Ibadaphunshisha Blah (India)
Iba is a Director of United Fruit Company
IbaIba is currently working as the Director of the United Fruit Company (UFC) Ltd. in Shillong. Since the change in business that took place in the early 70’s the company has been distributing cooking fuel in the form of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to about 27,000 customers in Shillong city and its outskirts. Iba has been managing the marketing division of the company since 2002 and has played and important role in rapid grown of the company. Before joining the UFC she was managing the outsourcing and telemarketing division of Dell Computers in New Delhi. Iba has BA in Economics from St. Mary's College in Shillong and an MBA in Marketing from the New Delhi Institute of Management. While she was working at the Secretary of Youth Affairs for the Meghalaya United Nations Association, she was involved in planning and implementing of an array of youth-led sustainable development projects in the state. Iba also worked on a bee-keeping project which was funded by the FAO and she was responsible for its implementation after completion of the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) in the project villages. She was selected as a youth delegate from India to participate at the historic Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in Holland in 1999 and then completed her internship with Peace Child International in the UK, after walking from the International Court of Justice in the Hague to the NATO headquarters in Brussels as part of the 2000 Peace Walk for Nuclear Disarmament. While doing her MBA she did her summer training in 2000 at the Educational Development Center in the US, where she worked on the Youth Employment Summit (YES) Campaign and later attended the 3rd YES Conference in Kenya in 2006 while on a business trip to Uganda. She later returned to India and established the YES Meghalaya Network which she currently coordinates to create sustainable livelihoods for the rural youth of Meghalaya. She has traveled widely across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia while attending different international youth conferences and seminars. Iba joined Worldview Impact in 2008 and she ready to make an impact in the Asian region.

Dr. Bremley A. B. Lyngdoh (India)
Dr. Lyngdoh is a Consultant at Emmanuel Hospital Association
Dr Aiban is a Medical Doctor and holds two master degrees in Health Administration (India) and International Health (UK). He also has a keen interest in business management and juggles both health and business management comfortably in his current capacity as public health consultant for Emmanuel Hospital Association and as the Managing Director of Worldview Impact (India) Private Ltd. He has about 10 years experience in health management with a focus on infectious diseases. Prior to joining the Worldview Impact, he was managing the operations (part time) of United Fruit Company Ltd., an authorised distributor of Indian Oil Corporation, to supply Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in his hometown, Shillong since 2009.

Sophie Ibbotson (UK)
Sophie is the Founder of Maximum Exposure PR
Dr Sophie read Oriental Studies at Clare College, Cambridge University, specialising in the languages and cultures of the Indian Subcontinent. She lived in Jaipur, Rajasthan in 2006-07 whilst studying Advanced Hindi at the American Institute for Indian Studies (AIIS), and after a prolonged break from academia, has commenced an MSc Finance (Economic Policy) at SOAS, University of London. Sophie co-founded Maximum Exposure Productions, an investment promotion agency specialising in emerging markets and post conflict zones, in 2006. Having worked on public and private sector consultancy projects in Russia and the CIS, South Asia, the Middle East, and East Africa, she went on to found Maximum Exposure PR in 2016. This new company works solely in tourism development and promotion, and has a global reach. As a writer, Sophie is the co-author of five Bradt Travel Guides and two Insight Guides. She has written feature articles for Newsweek, the Financial Times, and the Sunday Telegraph. A popular lecturer, she has spoken at the Royal Geographical Society, the Royal Asiatic Society, and the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, where she is also a trustee.

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