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Mangrove Restoration

The project site is situated in Ayarwaddy Delta area, South West Myanmar. The area is now facing severe degradation of the mangrove forests in the region. According to long­term observations on the area, there are many problems that caused the depletion of these mangrove forests. One of those is there is the lack of sustainable management programme of the mangrove forests for long­term climate mitigation and adaptation purposes.

Most of local people are landless (they live in the reserved forest and the land is under the jurisdiction of the Forest Department) and their livelihoods mainly depend on the natural resource extraction (forest and marine products). They used large amounts of fuel­wood for fish and marine product drying processes (especially for making dried prawn) that leads to the depletion of the mangrove forests, which affects the whole mangrove ecosystem. They have converted these mangrove forests into paddy fields, prawn firms and saltpans to sustain themselves. These vulnerable communities immediately need Disaster Relief and Reduction action plan to protect them against future cyclones and consequently there is a need for rehabilitation of the mangrove forest.

The consequences from the depletion of these mangrove forests has led to the destruction of the mangrove ecosystem and the livelihoods of local people are now threatened severely. There is also a high disaster risk in the area due to the lack of protection of these mangrove forests. Nargis, the tropical cyclone that hit the area on 2nd March 2008 destroyed thousands of lives, their properties and the environment in the area.

The project is based on the mangrove rehabilitation, community collaboration and sustainable management plans to better manage these mangrove forests in the area. It is to collaborate with our implementing partner Worldview International Foundation and work in partnership with the Myanmar Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry to create long­term sustainable development and large scale impact for at least 30 years by combining project sites with a total area of 77,165 acres into one REDD+ Mangrove Green Belt Project.


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