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Making your Green Investments Grow
Making your green investments grow

Neutralize your individual or corporate carbon footprint with Worldview Impact and see your green investments grow in a Sustainable Business for a Sustainable Future.

There is only one long term solution to Climate Change: We, who consume more than our equal share of the world's non-renewable resources, must reduce our consumption and production patterns and lead more sustainable lifestyles. There is an urgent need for action to both reduce and neutralize carbon emissions as well as to reduce poverty on a large scale globally. We believe that by creating sustainable livelihoods for the poor, poverty is reduced and the living conditions in the developing world improve.

Why rubber trees? The planting of fast growing rubber trees, which are highly efficient in binding Green House Gases (GHG), has an immediate effect. This carbon sequestration effect continues for 30 years until the trees are harvested on maturity and through the continuous planting of new trees.

Here is your chance to give back to the planet! Each one of us on average in the developed world produces 10 tonnes of carbon each year, and we can help reverse this by planting 10 rubber trees each a year.

Plant a Tree for the Planet! Buy your rubber tree here, then register the name of the tree, and a tree will be planted in your name or in the name of a loved one.

We are implementing the MDGs
We support the billion tree campaign
UN Global Compact
We support the UN Global Compact
We endorse the Earth Charter
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